Beautiful In Your Own Bod With OMG Fashion’s Bandage Dress

Whenever you walk by a street, you’ll be seeing different women of all age and sizes; all of them beautiful in their own skin, but in a variety of features that makes them all unique. Some will be taller than the others, more skinny, some buxom, and some are flat chested.

We all had the ideal standard of a woman—someone who has the height, the perfect skin tone, and the well-built body which could fit into any type of clothing. But since that’s not the way the world works, we all have to embrace our uniqueness and appreciate the characteristics of what we have.

It will be quite tricky in picking out clothes that will entirely fit our style, but the good thing is, there are varieties of dresses which can properly be suited to women of every shapes and forms. Take for one OMG Fashion’s bandage dress—a collection of well defined one piece that is meant to emphasize your form and features.

Interested on how this dress can help you balance your shape? It’s all about picking the right style of bandage dress, and you will be surprised how this will fit you.

  1. For girls with wider hips and narrow shoulders, finding a dress that disguises your untamed hips is crucial. You will also want to find something that will accentuate your shoulder to move the emphasis from below to the upper part of your body. Dresses with have emphasized shoulders, such as a long sleeved midi dress, can be perfect for that illusion.
  2. For girls who have a straight line body, then you would want dresses that will help you add those curves and create that more voluptuous silhouette. Bandage dresses are perfect for you because it accentuates features through its graphical patterns and color blocking schemes. This will add shape to the upper side of your body and will also help you show off your long legs
  3. For girls who have an hourglass shape, now is the time to show it off and be proud! Go for a bandage dress that will display your impressive features, accentuating your hips and bosom. A bandage dress with a deep level neckline will emphasize your chest area. Rev up that confidence and don’t be afraid to wear fabrics that will cling to your body.
  4. For pear-shaped girls, it’s time to put the focus on the upper side of your body. Pull on some printed bandage dress that will hide your thighs and make them look leaner. You can be able to find these one piece dresses with perfect color blocking features that will disguise your unwanted areas.
  5. For girls with broad shoulders and leaner hips, shy the attention away from the upper side of your body and highlight your thighs and bottoms. Choose a dress that will hide your collarbone and your shoulders, minimizing it through various patterns and prints.

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