Clothes change more frequently than seasons do and any topic that delves in the topic of changing fashion trends and the clothes, the fabric, the way it is worn, the combinations that it can be worn in, the people that have worn it, the trendsetter it became, the way it evolved, the way it can or could evolve, the gaffes etc could be a book that could beat the Harry Potter series and may be would be a bigger hit. Who knows! So instead of getting our hands in the much intensively extensive topic let us or rather let me just stick to the basics of changing fashion, in the contemporary sense of course…

Summer’s coming to an end and so is the free fashion style of flip flops and shorts and now comes the days of sweater and leather jackets and boots and scarves. Fall fashion pioneers are already lining up their set of exotic and exquisite trends which are available both at national retailers and with your local stores.

The fashion trends from last fall haven’t completely faded away and are reappearing on the shelves. Sweaters are appearing on the shelves after a hiatus of almost a year – sweaters from the staple thick and warm to the light jumpers. People are actually awaiting their favorite chunky sweaters as these sweaters and be mixed and matched with any item and are really easy to accessorize. If you aren’t forgotten last year’s chic trend was oversized sweaters coupled with tight leggings and high boots.

The fall concept has been retained this year as well: chic sweater with cute leggings and a boot, a combination is well attention grabbing. The fashion world has come a long way in terms of prints, having replaced animal prints with strong and innovative ones, like the nature inspired ones. Colors are equally important as well and burgundy wine colors are the call of the season. This season may see a splurge of teals, purples, wines, and the usual grays and blacks. Black and gray are considered neutral and may be quite popular this fall; and experts suggest that this will the color of choosing for women this fall. Marc Jacobs sort of resurrected the color berry this season at the New York fashion week and it may be back with a bang along with the regal burgundy and purple.

Apart from the colors, geometric patterns (squares, triangles, rectangles etc) will be a hit this fall. Geometric cut-outs and shapes have become quite popular. And mixing them with textures is setting a trend.

This time around it is the men who are being more fearless and settling for classy look. Women prefer the leggings in geometric designs of varied textures. Men are opting for a fitter look and shying away from their sneakers and t shirts. They nowadays wear clothes that flaunt their shape. And we have only the male celebs to thank for it. Some men are even seeking out tailors to alter their baggy fitting clothes.

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